Yet Another Beginning

“If I had a penny for everytime I started a new blog …” I would be just as poor, just with a handful of useless coins weighting up my empty wallet and pulling my trousers down. You know, with inflation and everything, I wouldn’t even be able to buy the cheapest chewing gum.

Seriously now. I kind like this place. It is simple, something wordpress once kind of was, but since they “updated” their editor, it is rubish. So cumbersome. This place also has a massive positive: it lets me use my own domain, without chargining me more than what I actually already pay for it (again, looking at you wordpress). And I can have up to three blogs, that is so neat. For now, I’ll only keep this one. (I also need to learn about adding static pages, I’m almost sure that is a thing I can do in here.)

Currently, I’m on trial. But the pro version is not expensive at all. But I will refrain from subscribing just now, I know very well how often I expend money with cheap stuff only to go red when they all accumulate. (Which reminds me, I need to cancel a Patreon.)

Ah right, one thing I wanted to say. I have a phoenix tattooed in my upper arm. Why a phoenix? Honestly, because it was the one design I still liked after three months (it was a proccess, maybe one day I talk about it). But hear me out, why phoenix? It represents a constant cycle of rebirth. Always starting over, always starting anew, never afraid of the end.

I can easily fit this narrative in many aspects and times of my life. I can also fit this narrative in the many blogs I started. I still wouldn’t be rich though. What if the fiery rebirthing proccess burning everything up :D

I guess that is it for now. This is marked to be available via fediverse. Not sure how it will work out. Time will tell I guess.